We love our 2005 Mustang!  It looks fast and it is.  It comes from the factory with a Ford powerplant that generates a whopping 300 horsepower.  We bumped that up a bit with the addition of 175 EXTRA horsepower courtesy of a computer controlled shot of nitrous oxide (N20) .  We race at Pacific Racways in Kent, WA.  Before we installed the N20 we were clocked in the quarter mile at 13.32 seconds @ 107 MPH.  This year, with the addition of N20, we will surely be in the 12 second category.  In another new development, this year we will be racing for the Ford Drag Team at Pacific Raceways and Bremerton Raceway in Bremerton, WA.  Take a look...
We are a little biased in our opinions but we believe there isn't a better looking car on the road today.  The best part is it goes as good as it looks.


Below:  No, we don't drive around with a computer like you see in this photo.  This is our race track setup.  Between races we can tune our nitrous oxide delivery with the computer and tune our engine with the other Diablosport Predator device you see next to the computer.  It used to be to tune an engine,  you would do things like rotate the distributor to change your spark timing, now you use a computer to change your spark timing as well as many other engine tuning variables..

Below: This is the 281 cubic inch (4.6 liter) Ford power plant that propels our Pony from 0-60 in 4.8 seconds and from a standing start quarter mile in 13.32 seconds at 107 MPH without the nitrous oxide.  By the end of the 2006 drag racing season we hope to get that below 4.5 seconds.  All those purple parts are bits of the nitrous oxide delivery system.

Below:  This pretty purple bottle in the trunk contains the same nitrous oxide that your dentist uses (laughing gas).  The funny thing is, when you pump it into the air stream flowing into your engine, that engine puts out up to 175 horsepower more than it does without the N20.

Below:  This photo was taken shortly after we purchased the car.  The interesting thing about this photo is the grass you see over the hood of the car is where our home is now.